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Wildlife tracking transmitters, receivers and falcon tracking equipment since 1975 

We are manufacturers of telemetric equipment mostly used in wildlife research, falconry and hunting. There are a lot of standard articles, but especially concerning transmitters, we often produce directly to the projects and / or the animals needs. So, this site is about bio tracking, wildlife tracking, wildlife transmitters, telemetry receivers, tracking antennas and so on, that is what we do. Radio tracking in wildlife.


The radio tags shown here, are all handmade and in that meaning unique. They can vary in nearly every aspect, outer shape, timing and battery capacity (both standing for lifetime) or desired frequency. If  you give us the chance, we will try to fit your projects needs. Tags are never in stock, exept of maybe falcon transmitters. If you have found an appropriate solution in the examples, you can order them by the given type, but keep in mind, that  a direct contact could improve performance. Just give us the chance to offer the best solution -  by mailing, calling ...


Click for a very close up of examples


Pulse of a transmitter, shown on an oscilloscope, length 16 mS.

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