This is a solution around 150 MHz. 
It is a modified standard receiver / scanner originally from ALINCO. We disassemble it completely, add needed features and combine it with an active antenna. Active means here, that it is capable to amplify and to attenuate the signal, needed for bearing. The amplifier is a user specified narrowband one, normally from 148 - 152 MHz, if you need another center freqency, just tell us.
The H - antenna consists of the inner H and four screwable end rods which are also availlable made of flexible material. You have more than 1000 memories, direct frequency entering and can scan stored frequencies. You can also give names to a freq. like OSKAR. The receiver has an accu pack with charger and an additional  housing for 3 AA battery cells. It is magetically attached to the antenna / amplifier unit. You will enjoy it.

The grip with amplifier 

You see here the grip with the amplifier and how you should slide on the receiver on the magnetic fixing. The magnets are strong so please avoid a frontal put on with a "clack".

This is a solution for 433 / 434 MHz

The 433 MHz receiver besides has the same features as the above 150 MHz model but at 433 / 434 MHz .The mecanical dimensions of the antenna is smaller caused by the higher frequency. So this is the right receiver for all 433 MHz transmitters and also our falcon transmitter receiver.

The antenna is collapsible